August 12, 2013

Scenes from the Uintas

This weekend I escaped to the Uintas, a high mountain range in Northern Utah, with my wife and her family. While my wife, after two years of marriage, has become a veteran of the camping routine, her family are self-defined non-campers. For being such non-campers, I would say they handled themselves excellently, even the two-year-old was successful at dirt playing and sleeping through the 40℉ night. It was great to spend some time in seclusion with such great company.

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August 3, 2013

From Russia with Love

The Helios 44M Lens

For those on a mirrorless camera system, like the Sony NEX or Samsung NX series of cameras, you should be happy to know that due to the nature of mirrorless cameras you have at your disposal a plethora of manual focus lenses, many of which can be had for very little money. In this review I’ll be looking at one such lens, the Russian made Helios 44M 58mm f2, an excellent addition to anyone’s camera bag.

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July 29, 2013

Stretch Before Watching

– Part One –

Recently I happened upon a method of creating cinema quality anamorphic footage on DSLRs using old projection lenses. While it is admittedly a bit of a hack, the cost for a legit DSLR anamorphic lens reaches into the tens of thousands of dollars, far outside of what I’m willing to spend to satisfy my curiosity on the subject. Before I go too much into the specifics of the said method, I want to go over a bit of what anamorphics are.

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